This is a page full of snippets of media we have come across along with some of our own behind the scenes images. Not everything ever done in the Govan Shed (by a long shot), but hopefully this selection of clips and images gives a good feel for what can be done in the building.



1917 Feature Film
As a fully exterior shot film, the Govan Shed did not warrant much potential as a part of the film but we were delighted to have the cast and crew use the space as a unit base and manufacturing space for their Govan set.

Titan Breed - "Legacy" Music Video
Serving as the background for the entire video, the Govan Shed provided the dark industrial atmosphere needed for this video.

Creeper - "Born Cold" Music Video
The Govan Shed served mainly as a build space for the two sets for this music video, but also featured in specific shots.

The Ninth Wave - "Human Behaviour" Music Video
Shot by Forest of Black in the Govan Shed, this video utilised the building as a backdrop for many of the shots.

Tide Lines - "Running at the Dark" Music Video
The Govan Shed hosted the shoot of this music video. The team used the space for a mixture of projection based images and as a background for the main performance shots.

Peoples Ford - Short online advertisements
The Govan Shed provided the backdrop for a series of online advertisements for Peoples Ford.

Tennent's Halloween Viral Video "The Night Bus"
The Govan Shed provided a space for filming the internal shots on the bus in the viral video. The large roller shutter door on the Govan Shed meant that the crew were able to get the vehicle indoors and utilise the dark space to make creating stylised lighting effects around the bus very practical with smaller and lower power lighting equipment. The exterior of the Govan Shed also served as a useful location for the exterior scenes at the start. The video received over 1.7 million views in the first four days after going online, with over 18,000 shares in the same time.

Popup Cinema Events
While not officially an events venue as such, the Govan Shed has provided a stunning location for popup cinema events. Easily hosting between 200 and 350 people per showing in a quarter of the space, the Govan Shed offers lots of flexibility for additional entertainment areas, bar areas and food areas alongside the main film showing.

BBC One Show - Marty's Science Shed Challenge: How Lightening Gets Its Shape
The Govan Shed provided the backdrop for a fascinating science section on the BBC One Show investigating Lichtenberg Patterns.

Red Bull Kaleidoscope
The Govan Shed offered the height required to create an impressive set for this Red Bull BMX project.

Some behind the scenes during the set build:

BBC Horizon - Are Video Games Really That Bad?
The Shed provided an interesting industrial backdrop for this BBC Horizon episode, with vfx graphics digitally projected onto the building in post.

Dobbies STV Sponsorship Advert
The Govan Shed offered the height required to film downwards on the garden sets for this advert! The advert looked brilliant with this unusual viewpoint.

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