This is a page full of snippets of media we have come across along with some of our own behind the scenes images. Not everything ever done in the Govan Shed (by a long shot), but hopefully this selection of clips and images gives a good feel for what can be done in the building.



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Clydeside Story - Plantation Productions
Fantastic evening of performances by local young people. A mixture of dance, parkour and vocals. The lighting was truly spectacular and really showed The Shed at its best!

Travis - Where You Stand
Travis filmed their music video "Where You Stand" in The Shed, using the distinctive architecture of the interior as a background for the footage.

Bands In Transit
Some terrific music sessions filmed by Bands In Transit in The Shed at the end of 2011. Performers in The Shed included Emma Pollock, French Wives, RM Hubbert and Errors, all of who were brilliant!

Links: Bands In Transit


Music Video: Any Color Black
New music video for Any Color Black was filmed by Breaking Point Flix.

And a little behind the scenes footage too:

Links: Any Color Black   /   Breaking Point Flix


World War Z
A film based on the novel by Max Brooks, directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt, Bryan Cranston, Matthew Fox and Mireille Enos. The Shed played a mixed role of build space for two sets and storage for a variety of the filming needs, including props and vehicles.

The latest trailer is now available to view online:


Objective Scotland / BBC: Real Hustle Series 11
The Shed was used as the location for the opening scenes of each programme in the series. The large vehicle entrance is shown lifting for the team to drive out onto the distinctive industrial look of Clydebrae Street.


BBC: Men of Rock
The BBC used The Shed as part of filming their excellent "Men of Rock" three part series. The Shed was one of the few suitable locations with adequate height for the pendulum to be suspended around 12 metres up.


A horror film based around the story of an agoraphobic father and his battle with gangs of feral children. Night footage within a double decker bus was completed in The Shed, thanks to the height and area available to build a blackout tent right around the bus, and get the bus into the building thanks to the large vehicle access door.


Valhalla Rising
A film based around Vikings was partially filmed in The Shed. All of the footage filmed on the Viking longboat, when surrounded by fog, was filmed in The Shed. A couple of views of the footage can be seen within the trailer.

The following Set Report contains interviews and behind the scenes footage, much of which shows The Shed being used for filming.


Local theatrical production by Fablevision, looking into the history of those who came from the Western Isles to work in the shipyards on the Clyde.

For more information on the Sparr project, see:


BBC Panorama: Crime Pays
Panorama used The Shed for an interview with Graeme Pearson (Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency 2004-07). They used The Shed structure as a spectacular backdrop for the footage.


We Are Scotland - Scottish Rugby Advert
All of the footage of the players in a steel foundry with fire in the background was filmed in The Shed


Strathmore Spring Water Advert - Double Dutch
All of the footage for the advert was filmed in The Shed


Mechanoids - BBC
Mechanoids was filmed entirely within The Shed for BBC3.


Mayfest 1995
The Shed played host to a number of top level productions for Mayfest 1995, including the headlining dance event with Donnie Burns and Gaynor Fairweather, performances by Scottish Opera and the powerful and moving Britten War Requiem by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

Mayfest 1995 Booklet Front Cover Mayfest 1995 - Donnie Burns and Gaynor Fairweather
Mayfest 1995 - Scottish Opera Sound Bites Mayfest 1995 - Britten War Requiem - BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Mayfest 1995 - The Shed playing host to the above events
The Shed during the build for the Mayfest 1995 events.


The Bic Picnic 1994 - Promenade Productions
Large scale production based around the story of the Battle of the Somme during World War 1.

The Bic Picnic


The Ship 1990 - Promenade Productions
The story of shipbuilding on the Clyde was brought to life within The Shed. The history of the Shed as an engine shed for Harland & Wolff Shipbuilders created a wonderful venue for such an epic production.

The Ship