The Govan Shed is a large industrial factory warehouse, formerly used as an engine shed by Harland & Wolff ship builders. Totalling around 2,900 sq m between two bays, with an eaves height of 9m and 12m respectively, the Shed offers a tremendously iconic space in the heart of the city. An electricity sub-station within the building is capable of supplying all the power requirements for even the most demanding tenants.

Sketched model of the Govan Shed

The Govan Shed is situated a few hundred metres from Pacific Quay, where the BBC and Scottish Television are located. Govan has become a leading hub of arts and media organisations, with the Shed playing host to a number of theatrical, performing arts and musical events as well as being used for film and television production. Spectacular theatrical productions such as "The Ship" and "The Big Picnic" in the 1990s were a high point, clearly demonstrating that the Shed has the capacity to host the highest level of productions. Since then, the Shed has proven a hit with filming crews, providing a build space for documentaries, music videos, advertisements and even a number of feature films. We have compiled some footage filmed in the Shed.

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